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Today was another weightlifting day, conducting a full body workout using Planet Fitness’ quick workout area. It’s all machines, but very efficient. The circuit begins with a machine bench press and ends with a rope crunch machine. One set of 20 reps per body part is what I am working on this week.

I’m in really good shape, but after taking a month off, it’s wise, especially when you’re 54 years old to take it easy for the first week back. I like to be motivated to go to the gym, so I want to avoid the common muscle soreness that accompanies getting back to the workout. So, I take it easy my first month back.

This routine will involve working from one set to four sets in a month. Once completed, I’ll begin one of the routines I’ve scheduled out this year. The first routine I do is always going to involve bulking up. Then I’ll rotate back to a cutting routine, then a bulking routine, then a cutting routine, back and forth to keep the body guessing.

What are your goals? Do you want to get stronger, bigger, or cut? Whatever your goals are, a quick internet search will help you find what you’re looking for. Just hit Google, Youtube, and other resources out there and you’ll find a routine worth trying out. Work through the entire routine and rate whether it is worth coming back to. It’ll either work for you or it won’t.

Always take it easy when you head to the gym. If you’re a newbie and you’ve never worked out with weights, make sure your personal doctor clears you. Also, make sure you are cognizant of the exercises you can do or not. I had a back surgery in 2003 that must be considered when I workout. There are just some exercises that won’t work. If I squat it is more of a quarter squat then a full, deep squat because my lower back can’t tolerate that anymore. The same thing goes for deadlifts. I am very careful with these types of exercises because they are really risky for a guy with my condition. The same could be with you. Lifting weights with previous injuries is not impossible, you just have to know your limits and be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, use a different exercise. There are more than enough exercises to use to achieve the goals you want.

Well, that’s it for today folks.

See you tomorrow…