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Well, here we are. 2018!

I started my exercise routine yesterday, after the New Year. Since I took the entire month of December off from the gym, I’m beginning this year’s routine with some preparatory work to get used to daily exercise. I’m doing a full-body routine with 1 set per body part for 20 reps. This will help me avoid the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and assist me with avoiding an injury early in the year.

I start with big muscles (legs, back, and chest), then progress to smaller muscle groups (shoulder, arms, calves, and abs). The routine is short and sweet and is just enough to get myself accustomed to a daily routine again. I recommend this to anyone just starting a new routine or getting back at it after a long break.

Why did I take December off? Well, I’m a sucker for sweets and goodies, all of which are available during the holidays. My Mom loves to bake and there is no shortage of cookies, cakes, and other tasty morsels. The holidays are just a wonderful time to relax, spend some time with family and friends, and recover from a year’s worth of gym time.

Now that we’re in the New Year, it’s time. Time to get the dust knocked off of the dumbbells and barbells, the exercise bikes, and the gloves and wraps. It’s time to crush 2018!!

Good luck to all of you with your fitness goals this year. Don’t quit! Stick to your plan and execute.

See you tomorrow!