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Hey all!

I hope your Friday is going well!

Today was another home workout, due to the snow we are getting and my discomfort not with my driving but everyone else’s. Sound narcissistic? It probably is (LOL). That being said, when it is snowing hard, visibility is low, you are just asking for trouble when you hit the road.

All that being said, I have a workout routine I use at home in place of a weight bearing routine at the gym. This is my contingency plan when the weather is bad or some other issue occurs that disrupts my normal weight training schedule. You can make up your own workout routines or use an app like The 7 Minute Workout.

The 7-minute workout is nothing more than doing 12 exercises for 30 seconds each and taking a 10-second break. The routine starts with jumping jacks, then wall sits, push-ups, abdominal crunches, step-ups onto a chair, squats, triceps dips on a chair, planks, high knees running in place, lunges, push-ups, and rotations, and side planks. It’s a really tough workout and moves along really quick. It is awesome for an at-home replacement workout any day of the week.

You can find The 7-minute workout and many others in the iTunes App Store. I’ve used this one for a few years and it’s terrific. By the way, you can also create your own exercise routines for a nominal fee.

I hope each of you had a great Friday.

Here’s to your health!!