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Today was a back and bicep workout. The workout involved bent over rows, lat pulldowns, reverse grip pulldowns, deadlifts, shrugs, dumbbell and preacher curls. I felt a little sore this morning, but after I started moving, the soreness dissipated. The lesson: Don’t let muscle soreness discourage you from going to the gym. Muscle soreness is part of the game.

I’ve talked a bunch about my workouts and things related directly to exercise, but I haven’t addressed things to do after the workout. Well, you’ll want to get some nutrition quickly. I like to drink a protein shake right after I’m done. I also like to eat some fast-acting carbs to replace what I’ve just burned through in the gym. Typically, these carbs could be gummi bears, sweet tarts, or even pixie sticks to replace the glycogen as quickly as possible.

Most of the experts out there call this time the “window”. I don’t know whether there is anything special about this 30-minutes, but why not? When I’m done working out I’m hungry. So, I consume a good amount of protein to fill me up.

What are some other things I do to recover from a hard workout from time to time? I hit the sauna, take a nap, hit a hot tub, or float in the pool. I have not gone as far as getting a massage, but who knows, that might be an option as well at some point in the future.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you need to take care of yourself after the gym so you can recover and prime for the next session. Nutrition is one way, but relaxation is also another way to give yourself some time to recuperate. I hope some of these suggestions help, particularly if you are finding that you are overly sore. Spoil yourself after a hard workout. It’s a reward. You went to the gym, hit it hard, and now you deserve something nice.

That’s it for today folks.

See you tomorrow!