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Today is a day off, folks. We have friends coming over and then we’re all heading to dinner later. I hope all of you that are exercising in my reading audience take a day off from time to time. The body needs to recover. Your long-term exercise goals should take a balanced approach. Activity and then rest.

When you take a day off, you give the body time to recover and rejuvenate itself. Rest is just as important as the activity you put in. On your rest days, relax. Drink lots of water, settle down with a good book, really take the time to allow yourself body, mind, and spirit to relax.

Nothing relaxes me like a good book, a cup of tea, writing in my journal, and meditating. Sleep in. Enjoy a good movie. Have a nutritious meal. Pamper yourself.

Tomorrow you’ll be back and you’ll be stronger mentally and physically.

See you tomorrow!