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Today’s Quote:

“Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away.” – Arthur Helps

Have you ever been in this situation? Someone comes to you for advice and you give it to them and then it appears to have brushed right by them. Take the same situation and instead of passing off advice, ask them a question and just listen. This situation tends to be different. It is different because people don’t normally need advice, they already know what the answer to their problem is. They simply need to talk to someone else and be heard.

Try this the next time someone asks you for advice. Remember in the back of your mind that these people are not seeking advice, but rather seeking someone who will listen to them. We all know what’s right in the end. We may stumble around a bit when we are trying to solve our problem, but we ultimately know what the solution is. Listen to people. Let them air out whatever is troubling them. You’ll find that these people will be more receptive and open once you’ve let them say what they wanted to say and work things out for themselves. This is the true gift—the gift of standing on their own two feet and discovering the answer themselves.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps you on your journey today.

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