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I woke up this morning only to discover that I was out of workout clothes and had to do laundry. When I miss working out first thing, I know I won’t do it. Subsequently, I’m taking the day off. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow.

One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is to avoid self-criticism. It’s so easy to say to myself, “Well, you blew it, Dave. You scheduled a workout for today and didn’t go. Not good Dave.” This doesn’t serve anything but make oneself feel bad, despite making great progress. So give yourself a break. There will be days that you are tired, sick, or just don’t feel like going. Don’t let the “not going” become a habit, but do give yourself the benefit of taking an unannounced day off. As long as you keep the long-term goal in mind (better health, better looks, longer life, etc.) is the key to this.

I wrote an article earlier today about working on infinite goals. Infinite goals, for those of you who haven’t read my Daily Quote posting, is a goal that keeps redefining itself as we gain proficiency in the task at hand. Exercising is one of those infinite goals. If I’m stronger today, I have to add to my workout tomorrow to continue along this path. Each time you make progress in the gym, you are that much more capable of doing more in the next workout. The finish line for your personal health never stays the same. The converse can also happen. You could be injured or suffer from a chronic illness. This does not preclude you from exercise.

A spiritual leader I follow broke his hip almost three years ago. He promotes exercise. Did the hip injury slow him down? Sure. But he still manages to walk every day. This is another adjustment to an infinite goal. The older you get, regardless of your level of health, will cause you to slow down. It will cause you to avoid certain exercises because your body is no longer able to withstand the stress it could before. These are all natural occurrences that cause each of us to adjust our fitness goals. You see how an infinite goal works? It is always changing in light of your strengths or weaknesses. Each time you evolve for the better or worse, your goals will also have to be adjusted.

I hope each of you has a terrific Tuesday!

See you tomorrow.