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Today’s quote:

“You can do anything, but not everything.” – Anonymous

Focus is so important in our lives. Focus is what allows us to finish a project we start and begin working on the next. Focus ensures that we only choose to pursue a few things at once instead of too many.

This is the primary reason I finally broke down and began only working toward’s my goals in 13-week chunks. It is so much easier to remain focused on the goals I have set in 13 weeks, vs. setting goals for 6 months or a year. It also forces me to choose what my top three goals are for this particular 13-week period.

Focusing on 3 goals over 13 weeks is so much easier than trying to focus on more. Do we have to make a choice? Yes. Do we have to give up on everything else? No. Write down anything you want to do when it comes to mind. When it comes time to attack a new set of goals add that one into the three you are going to pursue if it still holds some importance against the other goals you want to achieve.

By remaining focused on smaller amounts of goals, you greatly improve your odds of actually checking them off of your list. Focus wins.

Until next time…