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Happy Tuesday!

Today’s workout covered the Back and Calves. I wanted to hit lower back, middle back, and upper back, along with thickening exercises and widening exercises. To thicken the back I do rowing type exercises. To widen the back I do pulldown exercises. Today’s workout involved individual sets initially, followed by two different compound sets (1 or more sets of the same body part). One step above a compound set is a tri-set. 4 exercises together without rest are considered a Giant set. Anything above this I would call a circuit.

Here’s today’s workout!

Back extensions 4 sets 130×20; 150×15; 170×12; 190×6

Seated Row Close Grip 4 sets 100×12; 110×12; 120×12; 130×12

Seated Row Wide Grip 4 sets 85×12; 100×12; 100×12; 100×12

Compound Set

Wide Grip Pulldowns 4 sets 85×12; 100×12; 100×12; 100×12;

Close Grip Underhand Pulldowns 4 sets 85×12; 100×12; 100×12; 100×12

Compound Set

Straight Arm Pulldowns 4 sets 55×12; 55×12; 55×12; 55×12

Standing Pulldowns 4 sets 55×12; 85×12; 85×12; 85×12

Calve Press Machine 6 sets 90×20; 95×20; 100×20; 105×20; 110×20; 115×20

Cardio Hill Level 5 20 minutes


This was a great workout and one that I designed myself. I try to target between 25 and 30 sets per workout since I am only going to hit this muscle group once a week. Here is the 7-day split I use:

Monday Chest and Abs

Tuesday Back and Calves

Wednesday Shoulders and Abs

Thursday Quads and Calves

Friday Hamstrings and Abs

Saturday Triceps and Calves

Sunday Biceps

Obviously, when I’m working the smaller muscle groups like Triceps and Biceps 25 sets is about the peak if that. The goal is to truly exhaust the muscle group so you need a good week to recover. The exercise routines I use to do that are partial reps, drop sets, and making the last set I do for each exercise to failure. You can also tire a muscle group out pretty quickly with compound sets, tri-sets, or giant sets.

That’s it for today folks!

See you tomorrow!