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Happy Saturday!

Today was leg day and it was a good one. I hit the leg press machine, the seated leg curl, leg extension, and calves press machine. I also increased a level on the Hill program on the treadmill from 4 to 5. Good workout today!

Here is what I did:

Leg press:

Warm up: 150×12; 170×12; 190×12

Working: 210×12; 230×12; 250×12; 270×12; 290×12; 310×12

Leg extensions: 110×12; 130×12; 150×12; 170×12; 190×12; 210×12

Seated leg curls: 70×12; 90×12; 110×12; 130×12; 135×10; 135×8

Calves Press: 90×20; 95×20; 100×20; 105×20; 110×20; 115×15

Cardio treadmill hill level 5 – 20 minutes


Today was my first day of intermittent fasting. So far so good. I had my pre-workout at 12:00 pm, hit the gym, drank my post workout protein shake before cardio, did cardio, and then came home. The meal for lunch was cajun sausages (2); 10 olives, Green Salad (kale, spinach, and baby swiss chard with 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, and a tbsp of parmesan cheese, and three cheddar cheese sticks. This worked out to (estimated) 1387 calories, 20g Carbs, 92g fat, 89g or protein.

I’m trying to stay below 20g of carbs today so I will be over that by end of day. I will minimize it by only eating a salad and some cheese sticks and one more protein shake today before my cutoff at 8 pm (Fasting begins).

My weight today was 235lbs (down from 245).

Tomorrow I’ll do some measurements to post here so you can keep me honest!

That’s it for today folks.

See you tomorrow!