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Today’s quote:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

I love this quote. It is all about confidence and commitment. If you attempt to do something and you believe that you will fail–you will. This has much to do with the way we set goals. Set a goal that is too easy and you won’t benefit from it. Set a goal too high and you will be frustrated.

Incremental progression and mini-habits are the keys to making progress. Incremental progression is exactly as it sounds–adding a “little more” than you previously did. This could be more weight on your exercises in the gym, it could be reducing a little more of your food intake, it could be saving an extra 10 dollars a month.

Mini-habits are something I learned a while back. Mini-habits are simple. Whatever you would like to turn into a habit, start at such a small level that it is impossible to NOT do it. The best example is an exercise habit. Start with 1 pushup a day. I know this seems stupid, but think about how easy it is to do one pushup. Can you imagine any scenario that would prevent you from doing one pushup a day?

So set goals that stretch you but are attainable. You’ll get a rush every time you hit one of these goals. Once you’ve completed a few goals, your confidence will increase and you will be able to attain more. Start simple and measure your progress.

Measuring progress is simple. Just document every day. I use the BestSelf Journal. It as a section where you track 7 habits. My daily habits are Writing, Reading, Meditation, Exercise, and Journaling. I track these every day with a check mark. At the end of the week, I tally my results. If I hit every day–I win. If I miss a day, I re-examine my calendar on that day and look for what stopped me from doing this.

Here is how I measure whether a habit has been hit:

Writing (500 words a day)

Reading (1 chapter a day minimum)

Meditate daily (at least once)

Exercise every day (cardio, strength, or both)

Journaling (keep up my daily planner and document my dreams from the previous evening daily).

Simple right? If you aren’t at this point yet, it’s ok. Pick one or two things that would benefit your life. I typically do some internet searches on things to do that will improve your life to get a starting list. Select 2 or 3 that you’d like to start with. These should be habits that will impact your life the most. If you don’t have an exercise habit, that is one I would start today. Next in order is the meditation habit. Meditation is not spiritual. It is for me, but it doesn’t have to be. I would recommend starting with the Headspace app or the Calm app. Both have daily programs set up and will help you track your progress. Exercise will make you feel terrific and meditation will relax and focus you like you wouldn’t believe.

Well, that’s it for today folks. I’m off to the gym for a shoulder and cardio workout.

Until next time…