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Hello, all!

I read quite a bit during the day and from time-to-time will find great articles that I share here. Here is one I found today. As you know, I have a goal to lose 11% bodyfat by January 24, 2017. There is a three-fold strategy for this.

  1. Reduce carb intake to about 20 grams of carbs per day from natural food sources.
  2. Strength and 20-minute cardio workouts daily.
  3. Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is on fire right now on the Internet and has some amazing benefits, provided you can work this into your schedule. Typically you select a 16-hour window to begin your fasting period. Obviously, it is easier if you sleep for most of it. For me, 8 pm to 12 pm is my window. I tend to stay up late to write and read (typically until 2 am) and then sleep until 9:30 am or so. Then I take care of my morning ritual until around 12 pm, take my pre-workout and hit the gym.

Here’s the article link below. I think you’ll enjoy reading about this terrific technique for weight loss:


I hope you enjoy this read and also hope you begin using this for your weight loss goals. I’ll keep you posted on my progress starting next week.