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Hey all!

I was under the weather yesterday and took a day off from lifting and blogging. I’m glad I did. Whatever I was coming down with didn’t sustain itself. Felt like a million bucks this morning and hit the gym.

Today I hit back, calves, and did some cardio. Here is the workout:

T-bar does: warm up: 50×12; 70×12; 90×12

Working: 110×6; 130×6; 150×6


Wide grip pull down 100×10; 100×10; 100×10

Seated row 100×10; 100×10; 100×10

Close grip pull down 100×10; 100×10; 100×10

Compound set:

Standing cable row: 100×10; 100×10; 100×10

Straight arm pull downs 50×10; 50×10; 50×10

Calf Presses: 70×30; 90×30; 110×20

Cardio 20 minutes, Hill program level 3

Let’s talk about getting sick and injuries. First, see a doctor. If you twist something, tear something, or otherwise injure yourself, get to a doctor immediately. Waiting around and trying out home remedies is not recommended when you injure yourself. Your doctor can give you the bottom line on what’s up and give you the right advice on how to recover quickly. Same goes when you are sick. Luckily, I have not experienced either one of these things, but if I get sick, I head to the doc.

I will tell you that about 25 years ago I was in the gym and wrenched my back. I immediately stopped the workout and headed to the emergency room where they explained I had strained a muscle in my lower back. The doc gave me painkillers and an anti-inflammatory, and also some advice about getting some ice on it for the first day to keep down the swelling. I was also put on a “profile” so the Army would not require me to exercise for a week. Nothing heals like inactivity.

I have always acted with extreme caution when I’m sick or injured. Injuries are no fun but can be dealt with when provided with the appropriate guidance. Don’t guess. Get to the doc and get an understanding of what you did and how to heal as quickly as possible.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope each of you has a great Thursday!

See you tomorrow.