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Happy Friday!!

I just wanted to show you what elevating the weights in your workout routine looks like. This is typical for me because I tend to start light when I begin a new workout, just to get used to it. Remember this is your workout. You can do what you are comfortable with, substitute exercises for those that don’t work for you.

Leg day is always a good workout because your leg muscles are so big and suck up a lot of blood. I was literally drenched after the first warm-up exercise for squats. Here’s to leg day!!

Workouts below for your review, should you want to see how I elevate the weights as I move through a program.

Leg Day last week:

Squats warmup 95×6; 135×6

Working sets 185×6; 185×6; 185×6

Leg Press 298×6; 388×6; 478×6 (See how I used the second set here as my starting point this week)

Romanian Dead Lift 95×6; 115×6; 135×6 (See how I used the last weight as my beginning weight today)

Leg Press Calf Raise 110×9; 130×8; 135×8; 140×8; 145×8; 150×8

Today’s Workout

Squats warm-up 110×10;  160×10; 180×10

Working sets 200×6; 220×6; 240×6

Leg Press 388×6; 478×6; 568×6

Romanian Dead Lift 135×6; 155×6; 175×6

Leg Press Calf Raise 298×6; 298×6; 298×6; 298×6; 298×6; 298×6 (I stayed static on this one because I have a weak left calve muscle due to a back surgery)

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

See you tomorrow!