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Today’s workout focused on Shoulders and Abs. As I’ve mentioned in previous postings, this new workout routine focuses on consistency and progressively heavier weights–this being the main focus. The premise is that with added strength comes more muscle, even though it may not be evident in the mirror.

Let’s talk about motivation. Motivation to work out has to come from within. You need to have a “why”. Why are you going to the gym? Are you looking to improve your body’s looks? Are you doing it for improved health? Find your true “why” and you will never miss a workout.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. Think about the various gyms out there. They make most of their profits from people who sign up and then never go. Interestingly, you will always see an upswing in attendance at the gym during the months of January – March. This is the time everyone’s New Year’s resolutions kick in. By March, these motivated lifters fizzle out and the gym’s population returns to normal. Why? Because the “why” they have internally is not strong enough to keep them going.

My “why” is simple. I want to have a good quality of life, for the rest of my life. I’m not concerned about aesthetics. I just want to feel good. This is my “why”. What is yours? If you are comfortable, reply to this posting with your “why”. I’d be interested in hearing it.

Today’s Workout:

Military Press

Warmup: 50×20; 70×15; 90×10

110×6; 130×6; 150×6

Side Lateral 25×6; 30×6; 35×6

Bent-over Rear Delt Raise 25×6; 30×6; 35×6

Circuit x3

Crunch Machine: 130×12; 140×12; 150

Hanging leg raise x15; x15; x15

AB crunch bench x15; x15; x15

As you can see, I elevated weights in all areas, except the side lateral. That will increase next workout. I also changed my ab routine. I like variety with the abs because the same exercises get boring. I’m sticking to the format, however. One weight exercise followed by two non-weighted exercises. The circuit involves doing exercises 1-3 without rest, then taking a 1-2 minute rest between circuits. By the third round, I’m pretty well wiped.

That’s it for today folks. Tomorrow is Leg Day!

See you then…