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Today’s Quote:

“Goal Setting is the core of existence that defines life.” – Joanne Bonomi

There’s another quote that addresses this issue (author unknown). “You are either moving forward or moving backward.” Goals keep us engaged. Goals stretch our capabilities. Goals guide our days.

There are a lot of people who do not have any goals. There are others who are goal oriented. What is best? Personally, I think goal setting is a good practice. I only choose 3 things to pursue during a 13-week period. I started this practice when I picked up the BestSelf company’s journal.

I would like to pursue 4 goals the next time around because I am a firm believer in a balanced life. My articles on the mental, spiritual, physical, and social domains are part of my belief system. Subsequently, this next 13 weeks will focus on all four areas.

Mentally, I like reading to learn and be entertained. I will read at least 3 books during the next 13 weeks. Spiritually I enjoy meditation and will goal myself to meditate twice a day (morning and evening). My physical goal is to lose 11% body fat. I’m currently at 26% and would like to reduce down to 15%. Finally, I would like to pursue 100 more readers on this blog (Social). Wish me luck!!

These will be my goals starting in November, once I finish my current journal. I just received my new journal and will begin setting it up in the last week of October. I enjoy setting goals and achieving them. There is always a rush when a goal is checked off!

It is also recommended to make your goals public. They are above! To make this even more interesting (for me), I’ll begin tracking these goals and be updating my results with you on a weekly basis (Saturday when I post my weekly favorite Ted Talk).

Well, that’s it for today folks!

Until next time…