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Today was a shoulder workout, combined with 2 sessions of cardio x 20 minutes. What makes today’s workout unique is the use of partial reps. Let me explain.

Partial reps are just that–doing a repetition, without accomplishing a full range of motion (ROM). The beauty of partial reps is the ability they provide to allow heavier weights to be used. The drop set was also used in this routine. Partial reps are accomplished by doing a normal set with a weight you can achieve a certain number of repetitions with good form and a full range of motion. Immediately following this we move the weight up and do as many partial reps we can to failure.

Twisters 20×150

Lateral raises warm up 15×10; 20×10

20×10; 25×20 (partial reps)

25×10; 30×10 (partial reps)

25×10; 35×7 (partial reps)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press warm up 35×10

35×10; 30×10; 25×10; 20×10 (drop sets with no rest in between)

Lying Dumbbell Rear Delt Lateral Raises

15×10; 20×20 (partial reps)

Cardio x 20 minutes

Workout 2

Twisters 20×150

Cardio x 20 minutes


Hope everyone is having a terrific Wednesday! I’ve already documented my cardio workout #2, but have not done it yet. That’s later today at 5 pm.

See you tomorrow!