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Happy Friday!!!

Today’s workout took a whack at Shoulders, Calves, and Abs. Why I’m here let’s talk a bit about documentation. As you know, every time I post here, I post my workout routine. This is so important because it will allow you to track your progress. I track what I do every day and I also track what I eat and drink. I would highly recommend researching bodybuilding diets on Bodybuilding.com. If you are interested, you can look at the macro breakdown for using your Lean Body Mass. Click here to calculate your macros using your lean body mass vs. your total body weight.

Here’s what you should track:

  • Your weight daily (weigh in each morning before you get dressed or eat)
  • Your food intake
  • Your water intake
  • Your workout routine (weight x reps)
  • Your measurements and body fat % (estimated–none of the methods are highly accurate but will get you in the ballpark).

What do I use to track my stuff?

I use an iPhone app called Macros (costs 10.00) and I use MS One Note to track my workouts. Obviously, you can use other apps or applications, but these work well for me.

Well, that’s it for today folks!

Today’s workout:

150 twisters 10lbs

Superset below (underlined)

Lateral raises 20×12; 25×12; 30×12

Dumbbell front raises 15×12; 20×12; 25×7; 20×5

Shoulder press machine 50×10; 70×12; 90×12; 110×12

Seated bent over lateral raises 10×12; 10×12; 10×12; 15×12; 15×12; 15×12; 15×12;

Standing calf raises 245×20 x 5

Sit ups 90×100; 110×40; 130×28

150 twisters 20lbs

Cardio 20 minutes Treadmill


See you tomorrow for Leg Day!!