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It’s Thursday!!

I hope you are having a terrific one.


One of the things about daily exercise is that one day you’ll wake up and you are adamantly opposed to working out. I get it. That’s how I felt today. I had a physical a few days ago and got some shots that were overdue. Today, I woke up late and felt really wiped out. My shoulder that took the full brunt of the shots also ached more than yesterday.

So. What do you do?

You go to the gym, head to your workout room, get on your bike, walk around the block, whatever you’ve committed to. It really is that simple. Go do what you planned to do. It may not be the best workout, but you’ll feel terrific that you did it.

I knocked down one Cardio session at 12:00 Noon. I’ll head out again in an hour and do the second one.

Recovering from missed days…

If you’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and just can’t seem to make yourself go, here’s a simple exercise. If you go to a gym, just drive there. You don’t need to go in, you don’t need to any exercise, just drive there. If you’ve got a home gym, then just walk into your home gym and sit for a few minutes. Once you’ve done this for a few days, do anything regardless of how small when you get there. Maybe you walk for a minute on the treadmill or exercise bike. Maybe you do a sit up, a push-up, or one jumping jack.

Keep elevating what you do each time you hit three-five days in a row. Soon you’ll be back on track and feel terrific.

Today’s workout: (Rest Day)

20 minutes cardio x 2 (Fat loss program – HR 111).

Yesterday’s workout: (Rest Day)

20 minutes cardio x 2 (Interval level 7 and level 9)

I highly recommend the Fat loss programs on any of your aerobic equipment because it will continually increase intensity to get you to your target heart rate (HR). If you are in really good shape, it will work the hell out of you to get you to the target by increasing speed, increasing incline, etc. Great workout.

See you tomorrow.