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Happy Tuesday readers!

Before I provide you my workout routine for today, I wanted to discuss a very important concept when working through a workout routine – flexibility. Today, I had a doctor’s appointment (annual physical), a friend of my parents was visiting out of town, and it threw a wrench in my workout schedule. What to do?

First, when you are selecting a gym, make sure it is open 24 hours a day. Luckily for me, both of the gyms I am a member of are. Second, particularly if you are doing two-a-day workouts like I am, is to merely adjust the workouts. Today, in light of my schedule, I combined the weight routine and both cardio workouts into one large session. I wouldn’t recommend doing this all the time, but when necessary, you do what you have to, to knock out the workout.

Selecting a Gym

Depending on where you live and the choices you have, I would recommend a few criteria:

  1. Open 24 hours is huge. This will allow you all the flexibility in the world to hit your gym, regardless of family commitments, work commitments, etc.
  2. Location is close to where you live or on the way to or from work. If it is a pain in the butt to get to your gym, it will give you one more reason not to go, particularly when your willpower is weak or you are just plain tuckered out from work or other life events.
  3. Price is also a factor. Some gyms are very expensive and do not offer you much more than another less-priced gym. Select a gym that fits your budget but also has a good selection of weights, weight machines, and cardio equipment.
  4. Select a nationally-based gym like LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, or Planet Fitness. These are really easy to find and are typically in every major city you could ever travel to (in the U.S.). I belong to two gyms because when I am in a bulking routine I need access to really heavy weights. When I am cutting or traveling Planet Fitness fits my needs.
  5. Extra Amenities. Planet Fitness has two membership levels. I have the Black membership because it gains me access to every one of their locations, free tanning, hydro and chair massages, and 50% off of the drinks they sell (water, sports drinks, etc.)

That’s it for today folks. Workout below:

150 twisters

Under grip pull down 100×12; 120×10; 140×10; 160×10;

Wide grip pull down 100×12; 120×12; 120×12;

Seated rows 100×15; 120×15; 140×12;

Vbar pull downs 100×10; 120×10; 140×10

Alt dumbbell curl 20×10; 25×12; 30×12; 35×12;

One arm preacher dumbbell curl 20×10; 25×12; 30×13; 35×9;

Spider curl 30×15; 40×15 (rest pause); 40×11

150 twisters

20 minutes cardio x 2 fat loss


I hope all of you had a terrific Tuesday!

See you tomorrow.