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Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s workout was the commencement of week 3 of Kris Gethin’s 12-week Transformation. This workout really worked chest and triceps. This workout also requires 2 20-minute sessions of cardio.

Saw my first dip in weight this week at 243 (down from 245). The key to weight loss is to lose about 1-2 pounds per week. This is the healthy way to lose weight as any weight you lose will actually stay off.

I also discovered an interesting way to calculate my macros, using my lean body mass (LBM) versus total body weight. You may want to look into this, particularly if you are heavy like me. This new technique also utilizes what is called “carb cycling”. On heavy training days (weightlifting) carb intake is high, with protein staying the same, and fat intake somewhat low. On rest days, carbs go down, protein stays the same, and fat increases. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Anytime you add cardio to your routine it is highly likely you will lose some muscle. That’s ok. This is what happens when you begin your journey to lose weight. You may even see some strength loss while you move through your individual program.

If you would like to check out Kris Gethin’s 12-week transformation or any of his other workout routines you can find them on www.bodybuilding.com. On this site, you’ll have access to a supplement store, tons of articles on nutrition, supplementation, weightlifting techniques, and much more. You can also download their app to your mobile device. Their apps are available in both the Google App store and iTunes.

One thing I like about this workout routine so far is the variety of exercises and routines. This workout is far from static. I have not had the same workout for any body parts since the beginning. The workout continues to elevate intensity each week. Cardio is not mandated to one type of exercise. I currently use the treadmill for my cardio work, but you could use a bicycle, take a walk, use an elliptical, or any other type of cardio event. I am currently using a mix of fat loss cardio on the treadmill and a low-intensity interval workout called “Hill” on the treadmill I use.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the use of a gym. I currently belong to two different gyms. The first is cutting edge, which is only located in my hometown of Port Huron, Michigan. The second is Planet Fitness. I chose to get this second membership because I want to be able to get to the gym wherever I am. Planet Fitness has a lot of locations, near both of my siblings, who are located in Michigan and Arizona.

Cutting Edge is for the traditional bodybuilder. They have dumbbells that range up to 150lbs and start at 5lbs. They also have a wide variety of benches, Smith racks, etc. for the serious bodybuilder. Planet fitness’s dumbbell rack is limited to 70lbs.

I hope everyone is having a terrific Monday! My workouts are in the bag. Now it’s just the eating that I require to hit my macros.

Today’s workout:

Dumbbell press 60×10; 60×10; 65×8; 70×8

Straight arm dumbbell pullover 45×10; 50×10; 50×10

Incline dumbbell fly 40×12; 50×12; drop set 40×14

Cable rope overhead triceps extension 50×12; drop 42.5×12; drop 35×12

Dips 130×12; 170×12; 210×12


Lying dumbbell triceps extension 20×15; 25×15; 25×15

Close stance push-up 1×20; 1×15; 1×15

Bench dip 1×40; 1×30; 1×20

20 minutes cardio Hill Level 7

20 minutes cardio Hill Level 9


Well, that’s it for today folks.

See you tomorrow.