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Happy Sunday all!

Today’s workout was a leg workout, focusing on the quadriceps (front of your leg) and the hamstrings (back of leg). Supersets were the strategy today. A superset is an exercise strategy that involves working out two antagonistic muscle groups. This workout was composed of two supersets. The first was the leg extension and seated leg curl. The second is the hack squat and standing leg curl. Seems like an easy one right? The challenge with this workout is the combination of high reps per set and pushing two sets together without rest.

This is a terrific strategy to achieve muscle hypertrophy while taxing the nervous and circulatory systems.

Today’s Workout


Superset 1

Hack squat 0x50; 20×50; 40×50; 60×50

Single leg curl standing. 10×20; 20×20; 20×20; 20×20

Superset 2

Leg extension 90×20; 110×20; 130×20; 150×20

Seated leg curl 50×15; 70×15; 90×15; 110×15

20 minutes treadmill Hill program level 5

20 minutes treadmill Hill program level 7 (This will be done in approximately 4-6 hours to allow for some recovery)


See you tomorrow!