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Today’s Quote:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

I addressed this earlier using a previous quote. Basically, the idea here is to pursue “your” goals, “your” likes, “your” loves–Not someone else’s. Why do something you are not 100% committed to?

I don’t care what your goals are. If you are really motivated to accomplish this goal because you want it, you are much more likely to complete it–You’ll be 100% engaged. It’s just like work. If you are truly doing something you love, working long hours, going the extra mile, learning the intricacies of your position will be nothing to you. Going to work for you will not be like it is for most. You’ll look forward to the work. You will be excited to engage the day.

Take some time to really analyze what you are pursuing. Is this your goal or someone else’s? Examine your current employment. Is this something you truly enjoy or is it absolute drudgery to go to work every day?

I’m not advocating quitting your job, but I am advocating to really evaluate what you are doing. Most of us are putting 70% of our time at our jobs. Why not make it a job you really love?

Until next time…