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Today’s Quote:

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – Ayn Rand

So many people confuse these two things. A desire to achieve is a way to improve oneself. The desire to beat others can sometimes undermine your ability to improve yourself because the competition may not be strong enough.

Improving yourself is so much more satisfying in my opinion. To read one more book, lift more weight, write more words, lose body fat %, or even learn something new. These are all examples of ways to improve by beating your old “record”.

Don’t worry about the other people in your life. They have their own goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. They have their own talents and strengths. I believe we are all unique and put on this Earth to add value by applying our talents to the problems we and society face. Whether you are in the military, the medical field, studying at the University, or any number of positions, we all have a function that is needed by our fellow man.

Do the best you can. Use what you have. Put love into all you do. Pay attention to the smallest details. If you do these things you will always be improving yourself. By improving yourself you can serve others more effectively and efficiently.

I hope you have a terrific Monday!

Until next time…