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Today’s quote:

“Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.” – Author Unknown

This quote is really important because many times if we are moving too quickly without a plan of action we end up making a lot of mistakes, building out a product or deliverable of low quality, or end up in a position that we really weren’t looking to be in. How do we avoid this mistake? We plan.

Planning is the way we bring an idea into fruition. We say I want to read so many books by this date. We look at the time we are allotting ourselves and then we determine how many pages we have to read per day to achieve our goal. Let’s say we have to read 10 pages to achieve our goal. That means you have to schedule time each day to read 10 pages. Simple right?

This is the same process we can use for anything. My example is pretty simple. Some other goals or projects may be more complicated. The key is to really brainstorm and document where you are now and where you want to be. Set a realistic time frame to accomplish your goal and be flexible. You may find after a few days, for example, that the book you’re reading just isn’t interesting. Drop the book and pick up another one. Readjust the plan a bit to accommodate your new requirements and continue moving forward.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Saturday!!

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