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Today’s Workout:
Today was the Leg Workout! I made good progress on all exercises save a few. Some of these are exaggerated because of some glitches in the application I use to track my weights. As you can see, particularly with large muscle groups I try to move up 10lbs each time a progress. For the smaller muscle groups, particularly when you are moving into heavier weight ranges, 5 lbs is also acceptable. Whatever feels comfortable and allows you to maintain strict form is what is important.
Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group Previous Results Reps x Weight
Squat 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 120lbs
8 x 120lbs
8/120.0 8/120.0
Front Squat 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 100lbs
8 x 100lbs
8/110.0 8/110.0
Leg Press 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 260lbs
8 x 260lbs
8/270.0 8/270.0
Leg Extension 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 150lbs
8 x 150lbs
8/160.0 8/160.0
Walking Lunge 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 70lbs
8 x 70lbs
8/80.0 8/80.0
Romanian Deadlift 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 125lbs
8 x 125lbs
8/135.0 8/135.0
Lying Leg Curl 2 6-8 Legs 8 x 60lbs
8 x 60lbs
8/70.0 8/70.0
Seated Calf Raise 2 6-8 Calves 8 x 298lbs
8 x 298lbs
8/308.0 8/308.0
Leg Press Calf Raise 2 6-8 Calves 8 x 70lbs
8 x 70lbs
8/308.0 8/308.0
Cable Toe Raise 2 6-8 Calves 8 x 40lbs
8 x 40lbs
8/50.0 8/50.0

I also utilized some wireless earphones. I cannot tell you what a huge effect this had on my workout. Wireless is definitely the way to go if you can afford it. I was always getting my wired earbuds caught on barbells. They also interfere with some movements like bent over rows, Dumbbell rows and other exercises that require you to be bent over to execute the movement.



The ones I am using are provided by Bose. They retail in the states at 134 USD and some change at Best Buy if you are interested. This is a selfie in my gym. It’s called Cutting Edge and located in Port Huron, Michigan.

Well, folks. That’s it for today.

See you tomorrow!