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Today’s Quote

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

So many people have dreams. They dream about a great body, a robust bank account, a nice home, and a perfect mate. They dream about being a success.

Why do so many peopleĀ fail?

The key to pursuing your goals and dreams is simply to just go do it. Sometimes we have to rethink our goals and dreams. When you review what you want, sometimes we discover that some of our goals and dreams really aren’t our goals and dreams, but the goals and dreams of others.

When you really know what you want, start with baby steps. Do something/anything to get moving towards your goals. Once you start establishing these actions as habits, the dream will be achieved–it is merely a matter of time. Be patient and keep chipping away. You’ll get there.

Simple process for achieving what you want:

  1. Visualize what you want, feeling how it will be to have what you are aspiring to.
  2. Put together a plan.
  3. Start small and monitor your progress.

I hope each of you is having a terrific Tuesday!

See you tomorrow…