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Today’s Quote

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Most of you have probably seen this quote multiple times. It is quite popular. Regardless, I enjoy it and it really does apply to many things in my life.

Take any goal, whether it is exercising, writing, learning, meditating–anything. If you go into it with the statement “I’ll give it a try…” you’re already on the road to failure. My bet is you’re probably not as interested in this goals as you think. Really pay attention to your internals when you think about goal setting and achieving something. You really have to want it you know?

I don’t know where I read it, but Tim Ferris mentioned this in one of his online articles I found somewhere (sorry I didn’t keep it). He said that if he doesn’t feel like doing something, he doesn’t do it. This goes with goals and things we set for ourselves. Life is about change. If you are pursuing something passionately for a few months and then one day you wake up and the passion just isn’t there anymore, my belief is that it is not worth the trouble.

Really evaluate what you want in life. Once you set a goal, evaluate it. Is it something you are really committed to? Are you willing to give it everything you have? Do you really have a goal, right now, today, that is worth your time and effort? Sometimes we have to sit still and think about what we want. In the meantime, we carry on with our lives doing the things we have to (work, paying bills, taking care of our families, etc.). As long as you set aside some time for reflection, think about what you would like to do. Think about something you are interested in achieving. You see that during one of these reflection periods something will come along. Something that will be really exciting to you. This is the thing you go after.

Anyway, this is my thought on things. I hope you are having a great start to your week.

See you tomorrow…