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“If we want to keep the blessings of life coming to us, we must learn to be grateful for whatever is given.” – Harold Klemp – The Language of Soul

Well, I can’t say enough about gratitude. Gratitude is more than being grateful, it is about the realization of every miracle that occurs in our daily lives. It is accepting what is and being happy with what we have–where we are–what we are doing. It is about who we have in our lives and how they contribute to our experience.

If you cannot be thankful for what you have you will never be. It is that simple. Happiness is not about what you have, who you have, where you live, or what you can do. It is merely a state of consciousness.

Look for the small things in your life that bring joy. Love others for who they are, without condition. Savor the time you have with others, the food you eat or merely waking up in the morning.

If none of these things work, here’s a simple exercise. Take anything or anyone you love the most. Take a few moments imagining they were taken away. Feel’s pretty bad doesn’t it? Now bring them back. How do you feel now? Grateful? Happy?

I hope so…

Happy 4th of July to my American Readers!!

See you tomorrow…