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Today’s Quote:

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – Joyce Meyer

No doubt about it Readers!

Your health is everything. I don’t know about you, but when I am sick, I am absolutely worthless. I don’t feel like doing anything but sleeping or lounging on the couch and binge-watching a television show on Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu. Getting sick is also expensive. You miss work, you fall behind in your assignments (if you’re in school), and then there are the bills to pay for a doctor’s visit, medicine at the Drug Store, and all the rest.

Stephen Covey said it best, “when I ask people why they don’t exercise, they reply: ‘I don’t have the time.’” I reply to them: “You don’t have time to exercise? You don’t have time not to.” (paraphrased)

Our bodies adapt to their environments. This is the miracle of the human body. If you exercise it, it stays strong, it endures, it repairs itself. If you fail to exercise, your body will degrade. It is an efficient machine that will only adapt to what it is exposed to. If you do not exercise, your body will adapt by reducing musculature, reducing bone density, reducing flexibility, and a whole host of other internal mechanisms.

If a person ignores exercise, it is almost like a slow suicide.

If you do anything for yourself this year—get out and exercise. Whether it’s a push-up or sit-up, a 5-minute walk, or perhaps a plank for 30 seconds—get out there and move!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday!!

See you tomorrow…