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Today’s Quote:

“We must be the change we wish to see in our world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Hello, readers! Are you currently having any difficulty with your current situation, the work you do, or the environment you are in? If so, keep reading this. I offer some ideas on how you can change your situation, how you feel about work, and how you feel about your current environment by merely adjusting your attitude towards these things.

Change can be easy or difficult. The key to making a change is not about trying to change someone else, change something else, or change the conditions we find ourselves in. Trying to change any of these things is impossible. The only thing you can change is how you perceive someone else, how you perceive something else, or how you perceive the conditions you find yourself in.

Subsequently, the change we make is nothing more than changing our attitude about our reality. Take a look at anything you have to do, but really do not like to do. Let’s say you don’t like doing your laundry. If you perceive doing your laundry as drudgery, you have a few options. You can pay someone else to do your laundry. You can throw away your dirty clothes and buy new ones. You can adjust your attitude about doing your laundry. If you create a new attitude about doing your laundry, perhaps by creating a game out of doing your laundry or combining your laundry with something enjoyable like listening to music or a favorite podcast, you’ll slowly transform this drudgery into an enjoyable part of your day. You can “train” yourself to like this work by combining the work with something you enjoy.

What other ways could you take a task of drudgery and change your attitude about it? Another way is to do this task for God. Perhaps your brother, sister, mother, or father need their laundry done as well. Do it for them. Are there any other ways we could change our attitude about doing something we consider distasteful? Use your imagination. Your creativity is boundless, once you begin using it. Come up with a creative solution to overcoming your attitude about any work you do. Once your attitude changes about a particular job or task, you’ll find that doing the task is no longer difficult. You may even find yourself enjoying this task.

Try these techniques out. I think you’ll find that once you make an internal change to your attitude, you’ll find more and more things become an absolute joy to do on a daily basis and are no longer a task of drudgery.

If you have any techniques that you’ve used to adjust your internal attitude about something, some place, some person, or some task, feel free to share that. I’d be very interested in hearing about it.

See you tomorrow…