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Down and Up Mass

Ok folks! Here’s the new program. I decided to continue to bulk up and chose another one of Jim Stoppani’s (www.jimstoppani.com) workouts. This one is called Down and Up Mass. This program is quite unique in that it utilizes two of Jim’s favorite torture techniques. The Rest/Pause and the Drop Set.

Rest Pause is used on the final of two sets. This means you rest for a few seconds and then bang out another set. Then, once you’ve hit failure, you drop some weight (10-20%) and do another set to failure. Sounds fun huh? It was, but it was brutal. That’s ok though. The muscles loved the pump.

More to follow folks!

Today’s workout!

Bench Press                                        2              9-11       Chest    11/110.0 11/110.0

Reverse-Grip Bench Press            2              9-11       Chest    11/80.0 11/80.0

Incline Dumbbell Press                  2              9-11       Chest    11/40.0 11/40.0

Dumbbell Fly                                      2              9-11       Chest    11/35.0 11/35.0

Cable Crossover (High Pulley)     2              9-11       Chest    11/22.5 11/22.5

Close-Grip Bench Press                  2              9-11       Triceps  11/45.0 11/45.0

Dumbbell Overhead Extension   2              9-11       Triceps  11/45.0 11/45.0

Lying Triceps Extension                 2              9-11       Triceps  11/50.0 11/50.0

Triceps Press down                         2              9-11       Triceps  11/57.5 11/57.5

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback           2              9-11       Triceps  11/12.5 11/12.5

Smith Machine Hip Thrust            2              9-11       Abs        11/90.0 11/90.0

Smith Machine Crunch                   2              9-11       Abs        11/20.0 11/20.0

Standing Cable Oblique

Press down                                         2              9-11       Abs        11/25.0 11/25.0


In case your new to my blog, you read the above like this: Exercise name 2 Sets of 9-11 repetitions body part attacked and the number of reps and pounds.

The part I do not document on this workout is the rest/pause and drop set at the end of the 2nd set, where I literally continue to push the weight until I can no longer hold good form. Failure is not necessarily an inability to move the weight, it is more about keeping good form. When I lose good form, I stop.

Another note

When starting a new workout routine, I always begin a little light, just to get used to the exercises and volume of sets. The Rest/Pause and Drop Set work in this week will occur again on Week 3 of the first phase of this workout routine composed of 4 weeks. We alternate the rest/pause drop set routine to avoid overtraining and allow the muscle a good 7 days to recover. On week 2 and 4 we utilize another technique. I’ll talk about this when we start moving through week 2.

See you tomorrow!!