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Today’s workout

Today was the final day of the Shortcut to Size workout by Jim Stoppani (www.jimstoppani.com). It’s hard to believe I started this program in March. Boy! Time really flies.

Lessons Learned

Weightlifting is all about learning and progression. We have to learn how our bodies react to stress, food, nutrients, sleep, and water intake. Each workout routine teaches us new things about ourselves, that if applied, will yield better results.

One thing I did learn is that regardless of what I did, I continued to increase weight per exercise from the beginning to the end. Some of my increases were gradual, while others were quite dramatic. For example, I went from Leg Pressing around 200lbs in week 1 to over 568lbs today. On the Squat, I started out at about 70lbs and finished today at 200lbs. The same thing applies to all of the key exercises from Bench, to Curls, to Triceps work.


My diet was all over the place 😉. I wish I could control what I eat more, but I’ll take the hit on that. My supplementation, my water intake, and my current diet, regardless of the inconsistency of my macro intake resulted in increases in my ability to move heavier and heavier weights. I’ll stick with what I am doing for the time being.

What’s Next…

Well, we’ll be in the gym for sure. I was considering a routine to shed some weight but decided to hit another bulking routine. Stay tuned as I go through the huge list of exercise routines Jim Stoppani has put together on his website. I’ll update everyone tomorrow with my choice. Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate as I completed the 12-week Shortcut to Size program.

I hope some of you have been motivated to get out there and exercise. I’m going to keep going and keep posting my results to this blog for all to see. It is a great motivator for me to honestly post what I do and do not do in the gym.

Happy Lifting!

See you tomorrow for my next program overview…