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Today’s Workout

Hello, Readers!!

Today is an OFF DAY!!

I’m experimenting with a Friday Fast. I’m not doing anything crazy but will do my best to slowly build up to a 24-hour Fast, commencing on Thursday evening after my last feeding. There are numerous benefits to Fasting, one of which is religious.

Fasting is really important because it gives our digestive systems a break. When you are eating a lot of food required by a bodybuilding diet, the digestive system needs a break once in a while.

I lasted until 2 PM today, with my last meal last night at 9:30 PM. So that’s a 16.5 hour fast. Next week I’m going to push to 3:30 PM. Wish me luck!

Anyway folks. I’m approaching the final week of the Shortcut to Size program. I’m going to take the next few days off and then go all out next week to finish up this 12-week exercise program.

Next weekend, I’ll be putting together a synopsis of the exercise program and the results. I hope this program has motivated a few of you to exercise. If not, maybe the next one will…😊

The next workout program will be another bulking program, as I continue to refine my diet and look for more gains. I’ll provide you with an overview next week as well.

Have a great day all!

See you tomorrow!