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Today’s Quote:

“Each day is the scholar of yesterday.” Publilius Syrus

Ever heard of the saying “hindsight is 20/20”. That’s what this quote says to me. We are all great at saying what “we should have done” right?

I think the key to learning is to look at yesterday, gather up what we would have done, and make a note. I just read an article today about habits vs. goals. It was an interesting read. It talked about New Year’s resolutions, how goals fail to come to fruition, and all the rest.

If we use each day to learn from yesterday, we can forge new habits that will help us overcome these shortfalls and do something meaningful. Think about this for a moment:

  • If you write 200 words a day, you’ll finish a book in 4 months!
  • If you save 1.00 a day you’ll save 365.00 a year.
  • If you walk 1 mile a day, you’ll…well, let me stop there.

Here’s a website I found: http://365milechallenge.org/

It’s probably too late to do this now unless you’re willing to crank it up a bit, but if you’re up for next year, save this website in your favorites. I am!

Small habits. Small rituals each day will allow you to achieve great results over time, with much less resistance than you would experience trying to knock down a 90-day goal.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

See you tomorrow…