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Today’s Quote

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

The wisdom of Confucius continues to bless us to this day. This quote means so many things to me when I read it. It means that we are not in a race but in a marathon. It means we can continuously improve or degrade, the choice is ours. This quote also suggests that we can make small, little steps and achieve anything.

I read a book a year or so ago called Mini Habits by Steven Guise. The book discusses the challenges related to creating good, productive, habits. The book suggests that it is much easier if we create ridiculously small changes to our daily lives instead of trying to invoke a big change. These small changes are the “mini habits” that allow us to create bigger habits later by building upon the small ones.

Example Mini Habits

Exercise: 1 pushup a day

Diet: -1 sodas per day

Meditation: 1 minute per day

Writing: 1 sentence per day

Executing Your Mini Habit

Let’s say we want to pick up a reading habit. Something truly intentional, not just reading random stuff on the web, but an actual book. We look at our day, and figure out we can start our new reading habit before we go to bed. So, in and around the rest of our evening ritual we decide to read 1 page of a book 30 minutes before we turn out the lights.

Is there any doubt you could read 1 page of a book per night? The key to setting up a mini habit and making it work for you is to pick something that is so small that even if you were sick you could still do it. In other words, there is no excuse for failing to do the mini habit you’ve set for yourself.

Steven Guise also suggests only dealing with one habit at a time. This is purposeful so that you will truly remain focused on the one habit you want to create. I’ve run across several “life-changing” books like this. I highly recommend this book. The $6.00 cost for the Kindle version allows you instant access and it is a really easy read. It will be worth your while—promise.

Well, that’s it for today folks!

See you tomorrow…