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Today’s Quote:

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” – Mark Twain

Mr. Twain explains what all of us enjoy—being noticed and praised for our work and our accomplishments. Have you ever come into work and the first thing out of your boss’ mouth was a compliment about the great work you did the day before or a project you were assigned to complete? It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

If you lead others or reside with another, keep this quote in mind. Maybe your wife cooked you a great meal or did something nice for the kids while you were at work. Maybe your daughter spent extra time doing one of her chores. Maybe your son demonstrated some initiative by cleaning something up that needed cleaning without any prompting from you. Perhaps a subordinate made you look good by showing up prepared at a recent meeting.

If you really look, people are doing great things all of the time. The common response, even today, is looking for something someone did wrong. People respond to praise and compliments. Some people, like Mark Twain, live for them. Try “looking” for the good in your family members, your people, or even a total stranger. You’ll be amazed at the results, particularly how great you feel when you make someone else’s day, merely by passing along a few words of praise.

Have a great Monday all!

See you tomorrow…