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Today’s quote is a tribute to Zaha Adid. She passed away a year ago today and was highlighted on Google’s search engine today. After a quick little read, I figured out why she was presented today. She was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize. This prize is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize, but for architects.

I found one of her quotes below:

“I will never give myself the luxury of thinking, ‘I’ve made it.'” – Zaha Hadid

Wise advice for anyone who is pursuing prominence in their field. The primary culprit of a fall for most folks is complacency. They get too big for their britches and stop working. The moment someone stops working, sticking to the basics of their profession, is the moment they fall down.

It was terrific learning something about this woman today. I’m glad I took a look around for information on her. What a great history and background!

Until tomorrow!!