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Today’s workout

Today is an active rest day, which means I won’t be in the gym today. This week resulted in the completion of week 1 of the final phase of the Shortcut to Size program I’m following from www.jimstoppani.com. This program has been great. Next week we are in week 2 and we’ll be lowering the rep ranges from 12 – 15 to 9 – 11, which means we’ll also be increasing the weight on each exercise we do this upcoming week.


While I’m here, I’d like to chat a bit about adaptation. Whenever we exercise we are damaging our body. This damage is microscopic in nature, but it’s still there. This is the reason you experience a little soreness a day or so after a workout. Your body is sore because you taxed it beyond its normal limits (hopefully). When you do this kind of damage to your muscles, the body adapts by overcompensating the repair of these muscles. In other words, the muscles adapt and get stronger. Subsequently, when you lift weights and work a particular movement to failure, the muscle fibers rupture and the body has to repair them. This repair causes muscles to get bigger.


“Working to failure” means we execute a movement until we cannot continue to make that movement with proper form. Proper form means we aren’t twisting our body in weird ways, we aren’t jerking the weights, etc. This is where the honesty of the gym comes through. You can’t cheat the weights, nor can you cheat the exercise. Using improper form will cause injuries. Injuries will keep you out of the gym. If you’re out of the gym you lose all you’ve worked for. Bodybuilding is not a race; it’s a marathon. If you keep going, keep altering your workout routines so your body has to continue to adapt to these routines, and use the proper form, you’ll see improvements over time that will blow you away.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope each of you has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Until tomorrow…