“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

It’s a pretty common human phenomenon to feel lonely when we’ve lost a loved one for any reason. Whether it’s a boy or girlfriend, husband or wife, even a trusted animal companion. Some of us are so afraid of being alone we rush off to the next person we can find if only to fill the emptiness we feel.

This quote is truth. Before you can be happy with others you have to be happy with yourself. Take some time when you’ve gone through a split. Enjoy the freedom to do what you want when you want. To watch whatever show you want without having to cater to someone else’s tastes.

Maybe you can participate in some self-improvement. Exercise, meditate, take a college course, or learn something new. Another thing that may help is contributing some of your time to a charitable function. Working in a food kitchen, packing foods for families or any other like activity will get your mind off of yourself and perhaps, make a few friends along the way.

If you’ve lost a pet, working in a shelter may be the trick. Most shelters always accept volunteers to clean the animal cages or walk the dogs.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s quote. Have a great Wednesday!

Until tomorrow!!