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Today’s workout

Hello, all! Today was an off day, which means cardio was the focus of today’s gym visit. Currently, I am doing two 30-minute workouts. One of the 30-minute sessions is on a treadmill, while the other is on an Elliptical.

One of the things that tend to alarm people about working out 7 days a week is the risk of overtraining. This has to be an individual decision. My current routine demands 4 days for weight lifting activities with active off days on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have the choice of doing something in the gym on these off days, as long as it is not heavy lifting, like cardio. I can also choose to do nothing on these days because the workout routine allows it.

I choose to go to the gym every day because that’s the way I’m wired. If I don’t do something each and every day, it is more difficult for me to make that act a habit. This is what I mean when I say it is your decision on how and what you do. If you are doing something that isn’t helping you achieve your goals, you need to change it. Conversely, if what you are doing is producing results continue this practice.

Yesterday’s Macros

Carbohydrates 251g; Fat 82g; Protein 147g;

If you’ve been monitoring my macros, you’ll see that I’m all over the place. That’s ok. What I’ll be doing in my final analysis is averaging out all of my macros for the past 12 weeks to see what my average is. I’ll use this as a baseline and use this as a foundational starting point for my next routine and continue to add and tweak my daily intake until I get it aligned with what I am supposed to be eating. I’ve had a few days where my protein intake was almost there, but most days are way off. If I want to achieve the aesthetic results I’m looking for, diet is about 80% of that. This is where my opportunity for growth is. Stay tuned.

Until tomorrow…