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Today’s workout

Today was a non-lifting day, but still a great day to get in some cardio.

35 minutes Treadmill

35 minutes Elliptical (HIIT)

Cardio is a good way to achieve consistency in a workout but still gives the muscles we worked on Monday and Tuesday a break as they recover and adapt to the stresses placed on them.

I’m going to stick with Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for my cardio days and will mimic the above until the end of the 12-week shortcut to size workout is completed. I still have this week and next week to complete Phase 2 of the program, with another 4 weeks in phase 3, which is the final phase of this particular weight lifting program.

If you would like access to this or any other of Jim Stoppani’s workouts, simply go to www.jimstoppani.com.  He offers a 30-day trial on his site, which includes all of his articles on nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. If you have no idea what you are doing and would like to get some great information that is continually updated by Jim and his team, I cannot recommend this site enough.

Yesterdays’ Macros

Carbohydrates 178g; Fat 98g; Protein 239g

Tomorrow we’ll be attacking Shoulders, Traps, and Calves, followed by the final workout of the week on Friday, which will involve the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Abdominals and Obliques.

Have a happy Hump Day!

See you tomorrow!!