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Today’s workout

Today I was extra motivated and decided to hit the metal on my one day off during the week. Sometimes the body adapts well to physical exercise and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this. Anyways, exercises are below. I did a full body workout today, ignoring shoulders, short of one exercise (military press on a smith rack) for a few sets. Tomorrow is a shoulder day for my normal workout and I didn’t want to do too much work in that area.

Exercises today

  • Bench Press (Smith Rack) 4 x 11
  • Low Cable Flys 4 x 11
  • Behind the Neck Lat Pull Downs 4 x 11
  • Seated Rows 4 x 11
  • Shoulder Press (Smith Machine) 4 x 11
  • Leg Press 4 x 11
  • One leg standing curl 4 x 11
  • Leg Extension 4 x 11
  • Preacher Curl 4 x 11
  • Dumbbell Overhead Extension 4 x 11
  • Abdominal Crunch (Machine) 4 x 11
  • Lumbar Extension (Machine) 4 x 11
  • Cable External Rotation 4 x 11
  • Cable Internal Rotation 4 x 11
  • Forearm Wrist Roller 4 x 50 (wrist extensors and wrist flexors)

Today’s exercises stuck with the rep and set ranges in Week 2 Phase 2 of the Shortcut to Size workout by Jim Stoppani. This hit all muscle groups, including some special groups not included in the Shortcut to Size workout. Large muscle groups got hit by two – three exercises, while smaller muscle groups got hit with one or two exercises. Tomorrow is a formal shoulder and calf exercise day.

Yesterday’s Macros: Carbohydrates 227g; Fat 99g; Protein 291g (really good macro day). Only two macros I watch like a hawk are the carbs and fats. Realistically you can live without carbs, as your body can produce the needed fuel by processing proteins and fats. That being said, carbs are critical to a really strong workout, so I’m sticking with a little over my bodyweight at 250g per day. Fat I’m keeping at 117g or less (.5 grams of my entire bodyweight 235lbs). Protein has no limit. I can eat up to 2g per pound of body fat or 470g. That’s tough to eat that much in a day, so I’m happy breaking past 1g per pound currently. I’ll continue to monitor these macros throughout this phase to see what happens to my weight, which I am trying to increase currently. If I don’t gain, I’ll be adding mandatory protein intakes to increase it, while maintaining current carb and fat levels.

Water and supplementation are the same, other than the addition of 24g of whey protein added to my Pre, during, and post workout drinks, adding an additional 72g of protein intake a day. I use flavorless whey so it doesn’t affect the taste of any of my workout drinks.

See you again tomorrow for Day 3, week 2, Phase 2 of the Shortcut to Size workout.