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All thanks so much for the comments, likes, and the rest.

I wanted to pass along a quick update to everyone. I’m going to get a little more “scheduled” and formal with this blog. If you haven’t noticed already, I am posting quotes daily on my site. Starting next week, I’ll be offering a daily workout log, documenting the work I do in the gym. Currently, my workout routine is about bulking up, so you’ll only see 4 postings a week (Mon-Tue, Wed off, Thu – Fri, Sat – Sun off).

My workout routines span between 5-week and 12-week cycles. This one was provided by Jim Stoppani (www.jimstoppani.com) and is called “Shortcut to Size”. It is a 4-day, 12-week workout routine, that is broke out over three phases. I start phase two next week, which will be 4-weeks in length.

I want to do this for a few reasons. First, I enjoy a good quote. Second, I want to keep the pressure on myself to continue progressing in the gym and use peer pressure (even virtual peer pressure via my readers) as a way to keep pushing hard in the gym. As I progress I’ll also let you in on my personal goals and come up with some tracking mechanism that you can follow along with if you’re interested.

I hope you enjoy the quotes I find across the web and you enjoy the workout updates I’ll provide. I’ll still post randomly about anything I feel like writing about but also wanted to have some form of rhyme and reason to my blog as well.

Until next time…