Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at the 4 dimensions of life. Now, it’s time to discuss how to organize our lives around these 4 dimensions to ensure we stay balanced and improve our effectiveness by addressing each one of these dimensions on a weekly basis. Planning is something that can always be improved and if done correctly, will save you a lot of time and worry in the future, in relation to any activity you do.


First, let’s discuss the tools that we need before we begin. Obviously, you’ll need a calendar. You’ll also need a pen or pencil. Finally, a paper journal broke out by day or an electronic journal. Here’s what I use:

  • I use Google Calendar for my calendar tool
  • I use Todoist as my cloud-based to do list
  • I use a journal called the Productivity Planner produced by Intelligent Change
  • I use a blank composition book for brainstorming

Reviewing the Previous Week

This is something I learned from the author David Allen who wrote the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This practice is also provided in the Productivity Planner. It is literally a section in each week of your planner pages. Anyways, to begin, examine anything you’ve received in the last week that you have not processed. This could email you’ve received, voicemails you’ve received, missed calls, social networking responses, any mail you’ve received you haven’t opened or processed, etc. Literally, any input you have not looked at and made a decision about should be the first thing we tackle.

Next, you’ll want to look at your goals and see what steps you’ve completed and what steps are left. Typically, these are multi-step projects that we all track in our heads or on paper. Anyway, you’ll want to look at all the projects you have and what you are doing to move them forward.

Questions to ask during your review:

  • What did I get done last week (wins)?
  • What did I not get done last week?
  • Did I learn anything new last week?
  • What will I commit to this week that will allow me to finish my top 5 tasks?

Planning the upcoming Week

Now that you know what you have to do, it’s time to determine what is really important out of all the things on your to-do list, project list, and goals list. Now that you have determined what your top 5 things are, we next move to our dimensions.

  • How will you schedule learning something new (Intellectual Dimension)?
  • How will you schedule spending some time with your friends and loved ones (Social Dimension)?
  • How will you schedule some time for exercise (physical dimension)?
  • How will you schedule some time for your spiritual activities (spiritual dimension)?
  • These should all be scheduled on your calendar.

Here’s how I’ll tackle my week:

Physical Dimension:

Weight Lifting Mon-Tue; Thu-Fri

Cardio Wed – Sat – Sunday

Social Dimension:

Dinner with Mom and Dad each night; Chatting with my Sister and Brother at least 1 day this week

Intellectual Dimension:

Continue to watch Game Theory on The Great Courses Website; continue reading Kissinger book; continue reading Brooks book

Spiritual Dimension:

Meditate am 10 minutes; 20 minutes pm

Read my Bible morning and evening in conjunction with meditation

Character building – Courage is the character trait I want to work on this week (physical and moral)

Web sites referred to in this posting:

https://www.intelligentchange.com/ This website is the company that sells the Productivity Planner I referred to

www.todoist.com This is the cloud-based to do list I use. I can access on my PC or phone.

http://gettingthingsdone.com/ David Allen’s website for the GTD methodology.

Until next time…