The 4th dimension of life is our spirituality. Spirituality involves taking care of that part of us that is devoid of the physical body. It is that essence of who we are—the true self. Some call it Soul, some call it the spark of God, others believe the Soul is non-existent. Regardless of your belief systems, spirituality is the pursuit of beauty, wisdom, connectedness, mindfulness, love, God.

When I consider my spiritual life, I look for my relationship with God. I believe that we are Soul. It is not my Soul or your Soul, but Soul. If we possess Soul, we would have to be something else.

Regardless of your worldview, spirituality is important. You can satisfy your spiritual pursuits by creating music, poetry, writing, or singing. You can attend church, a mosque, a synagogue, or a meeting with like-minded individuals. You can contemplate, meditate, pray, or project.

For me, the most important part of my spirituality is expressing divine love or charity. Giving of one’s self for another is one of the most spiritual things we can do in this life. It involves empathy, dedication, loving, and caring. In some cases, it takes great discipline, maturity, and courage.

I like teaching other people. I like to compliment others when they do something well. I like to help people solve problems. I enjoy reading my Bible and learning the lessons passed along by our creator. I enjoy meditating daily and gleaning the wisdom that is always there, waiting for us to recognize it.

The spiritual dimension of life is an interesting one. In many cases, it is the most neglected of life’s dimensions, until trouble comes. Maybe a financial problem, maybe the health of a relative, maybe our own health goes south and then we reach out to God for help.

The same follows for the previous dimensions. You ignore the mental dimension (learning), your skills will slowly become irrelevant to the marketplace, you ignore the social dimension and you will slowly run out of friends, if you ignore the physical dimension you will lose your flexibility, your ability to fend off sickness, and a whole host of other issues.

How do we pursue a spiritual life? Simple. Follow whatever your belief system is to its fullest extent. If you are an Atheist, you live your life to the fullest, because this is the only one you get. If you are a Christian, you help others, go to Church, pray, and all the rest. The same follows for any other worldview you hold. Follow the dictates of your worldview and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to it. No half measures, no excuses, no deviation. Truly embrace the religion you hold dear. If you disagree or have any doubts about your religion’s view of reality than it’s time to find a new one. When you move on to that next one, dedicate yourself to it. Put it all on the field.

How I pursue spirituality in my life. I read my bible when I get up in the morning, then meditate for 20-30 minutes. I also record any dreams I remember, as soon as I wake up. I attend religious meetings once a month and attend larger meetings when they are scheduled every 3-months or a year. I read religious books constantly (typically I read 3 books simultaneously). I read my bible again before I go to bed and meditate again for 20-30 minutes.

Meditation is something anyone can do, regardless of religion. In many cases, meditation will augment your religious studies by focusing your attention more on the various topics you may be learning. It also expands your consciousness so you can solve problems, understand why something is occurring in your life, or experience a deeper love of life. If you’re new to meditation I would start with either the Calm mobile app or the Headspace mobile app. They can be found on iTunes or Google Play. Both of these apps start with guided meditations and move on from there into more advanced techniques.

If you haven’t tried this before, you may want to start keeping a dream journal. Here’s a great article you can read that will point you in the right direction for what to write in your journal, heck even references to various dream journals you can buy on Amazon. (see

What other ways can we expand our spirituality? Well, you can study other religions, read other Bibles from worldviews that are different from your own. You can participate in charitable events like volunteering at a soup kitchen. If you would like to study other religions here are a list of worldviews you can start with:









There are much more, but these are some of the more popular religious systems today. Read about their history, their holidays, the key tenets of their belief systems, and anything else that interests you. At a minimum, you’ll be more open to other religious faiths and understand why they believe the things they do.

If you wish to contribute your time or money to a charity, there are huge lists to choose from on the Internet. I would recommend choosing a charity that is near and dear to your heart. Maybe you want to help the homeless, help battered women, help people with special needs, veterans, or work with animals or animal shelters. Whatever your cause, you can find it out there and volunteer.

Another area that is interesting is the practice of performing random acts of kindness. I discovered this site a few years ago, and have been acting out on some of the ideas and stories that are published there. Here’s their website if you are interested: I’ve really gained a lot of joy from doing some of the things they suggest. You are only limited by your imagination.

In closing, remember that you cannot help others if you cannot support and take care of yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish, but necessary if you are to love and give to others. Try some of these things I’ve mentioned in this and my other articles on the 4 dimensions of life. Send me a note if any of them bring you results.

Until next time…